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14 June 2006 @ 01:07 am

This past saturday i was closing with Vic, we had a customer with the same story..."we've rented this video and it keeps skipping and it seems to happen everytime we rent here" Now there are many possibilities for the skipping, dvd player is too sensitive, and light scratches will affect the movie, or you didnt like the movie and just saying its defective, it could be the copying of the movie on the disc etc...

What the this regular customer say? "It looks kind of dirty and has some scratches. Don't you guys, clean the discs whent they come back in?" Vic's response " 

Vic "No we really don't clean the disks unless asked or if someone tells us it is defective and it takes more time to clean every disk that comes back in *side note* this means we have more shit to do in the store then to clean the hundreds of disks that come in every bloody hour**

Customer " well you really should, it would be much better for the customers..."

Vic " sorry, have a nice day!"

What i'd like to say to some customers...
Some people think we just rent movies for the sake of working there, we DO have OTHER work to do. We could clean every disk in the store that come back in but in reality its not our fault we rent it, its up to the customer to no scratch it, or have your dog take a bite out of it, or burn the disk and return it defective...so talk to the other customers that rent the same movies. 

By the way, if its a popular title don't expect to get a nice clean copy it won't happen.

We've got some awesome regular customers but 80% of them are rich and stuck up who wont pay late charges of .60 cents...

Late Charges...Yes we have late charges, No we are not Blockbuster. Late charges are there so that you bring your movie back on time. If I as an employee don't get a break, why the hell should i give you one? By the way drop your movie(s) at the location you rented it at, we are not a catering service to pick up and drop movies where they belong we don't get paid enough for that.

That will be the end of my rant, until next time, when i have more stories...

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10 June 2006 @ 05:22 pm
Oh dear lord...we were playing the VENGABOYS yesterday. That's right the Vengaboys. I was shelving in teen and all of a sudden i hear  "Boom boom boom boom.. want you in my room". I was like wtf...did we suddenly fall into 1998? All we need next is squeeze toy.

Also I  knocked my hip out at work..i feel like im 70.

In better news, Kelley Armstong was in today. I got her new book with a siggy in it. As my manager Teshley boldy announced over our PA system...shes writes SEXY HORROR.

Also yay for the new  community format! HUZZAH!
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10 June 2006 @ 05:21 pm

So this gent comes in today and demands to be shown every single Pirates of the Carabbean 2 book we have in the store. Apparently he was in the movie (probably as an extra) and wanted to buy anything that may possibly have his picture in it. We only had a few books in, most without pictures. He spent half an hour of our mech managers time trying to figure out how we could get books with his picture in the store. My GM was laughing her ass off in the cash office for about 20 minutes. In his defence he did look dirty enough for the part. Yarr. All I have to say is thank god he wasn't an extra in Helm's deep.

An asian lady got very upset at me today after the computer was unable to bring up the book series she wanted. All she could give me was "Beacon Street", but those word in none of their variations brought up these books she wanted. She started yelling at me asking me why i just couldn't check the shelves. I responded I didn't know which shelf to check. She spat out that they were in the adult part of the kids section....yeah i didn't quite get that one either. I went to go ask my manager if the name "Beacon Street" rang a bell and by the time I got by she had found them all by her pretty self.